Trust Services

We offer a broad range of fiduciary services to meet the objects of various grantors and beneficiaries.  These services include:

Full Trustee Services

Sun Coast Trust Company accepts sole responsibility for accounting and all other duties required of a trustee, including investment and distribution responsibilities.

Independent Trustee Services

Grantors may wish to separate out trustee duties and responsibilities among multiple trustees. 

When requested, The Sun Coast Trust Company accepts responsibility for all discretionary distributions, while another Trustee manages investments or vice versa.

Situs Trustee Services

The requirements for a Florida-situs trustee are outlined by the Florida Statutes.  The staff at Sun Coast Trust Company complies fully with these requirements. 

A Florida-situs trustee is primarily responsible for returning the trust's intangible personal property and paying the annual tax on it, as well as filing an informational return.